Deborah K. Thompson Consultants 

Custom Services for Today’s Changing Workforce and Workplace

DKT Consultants have... administered a Construction Management Development and Bond Guarantee Program in Florida with the Florida A&M University and Florida Department of Transportation for years and currently working with RS&H Engineering as technical assistance coordinators to support and develop a trained workforce on local Transportation construction projects.

DKT Consultants were... on-site support on new construction and soil contaminated remediation projects as the small business, public affairs and community development coordinators.

DKT Consultants have... administered housing programs through mortgage pre-purchase and default counseling, Direct endorsement fee underwriter; housing financing, rehabilitation, and minor repair programs for mortgagees with HUD-held and HUD-financed single and multi-family properties.

DKT Consultant Professional Development Services...

Deborah K. Thompson Consultants offer individual and group counseling, coaching and technical assistance training sessions for participants and potential trainers.  These sessions are conducted as special programs, events, seminars, academic course instruction and webinars.  These trainings are for government departments and agencies at all levels, corporate entities, non-profit agencies educational and healthcare organizations.

The consultants prepare in-house trainings on a variety of subjects to your specifications, is a certified Masala corporate trainer and a Master Trainer and Construction instructor for the National Center for Construction Education Resource (NCCER).  

DKT Consultants are... trained and experienced community economic development representatives and have trained low-moderate and middle income families to homeownership and responsible rental residents, financial literacy programs for banks and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

DKT Consultants manage... and direct several government contracts with the Federal Aviation Authority through partnerships with janitorial, grounds maintenance and aspires to be construction projects, new construction and repairs or remodeling. They also manage and perform on training contracts with commercial nonprofits in organizational and leadership skills development for minority and disadvantaged business owners, new citizens, residents and immigrants.

DKT Consultants package... loan and bond applications, compile and analyze social and economic certification packages for W/M/DBEs to access contracting opportunities with government and corporate entities.

DKT Consultants Training Services...

DKT Consultants