DKT Consultants 

We partner with our clients to deliver results...

DKT maintains relationships with our strategic alliances, both small and large businesses, providing our client with a broad and in depth range of expertise and solutions. We have worked with many clients over the last 30 years and some of our clients have become strategic partners. 

Take a look at some of our clients and partners  and the services we have provided.

Services we have provided:

  • Facilitate bond guarantee programs
  • Train on procurement inclusive utilization techniques 
  • On the job training and assistance
  • Use of 3-D modeling technology and Job Performance Aids for training
  • Access to Pre-Apprentice and Certified Apprentice Programs
  • Familiar with programs from Dept. of Transportation and Federal Highways
  • SBA, Business USA and HUD contractors initiative
  • Train on contract compliance issues
  • Conducted Housing counseling training for housing staffs nationwide for US HUD

Deborah K. Thompson Consultants 


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