DKT Consultants 

Custom Services for Today’s Changing Workforce and Workplace

We are partnered with Vanguard Solutions Consulting  to bring full-service management consulting to our clients. Together we deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. The joint services we provide go beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow your business.


Community, Workforce and Economic Development are a critical component of the services we provide our clients. Our years of government experience allows us to utilize creative insights  to provide development services to small businesses, organizations, non profits and corporate entities. 



If you can improve the performance of your people, then you improve the performance of your company. Unfortunately, most training programs do not produce the performance results needed. DKT Consultants is a Certified Masala company. Utilizing the Masala approach, we view training differently. And we are different by design.

DKT is a management consulting firm. It prepares subcontractors, consultants, and employees to perform competitively on private, commercial, and government projects. These projects can be of varying types and especially those in housing, construction, and transportation.

Deborah K. Thompson Consultants 

It is our pleasure to consult, partner and help you build success